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*The Valeda Rx Secure Message Portal utilizes the Backline® communication platform that is licensed from Dr. First, Inc. For more information, see

Secure Messaging Portal*

Get Your Patients on Therapy Quicker

Faster Authorizations with HIPAA Compliant, Real-time Messaging

The Valeda Rx Secure Messaging Portal is a feature-rich, secure messaging application for healthcare that is accessible via any smart phone or computer.

•   Live chat – real-time access to clinical staff and care team
•   Direct and group private messaging
•   Clinical content sharing in virtually any format to improve the coordination of care
•   Transmit PHI securely
•   Schedule deliveries of cold chain drugs with office locations
•   Compatible with IOS, Android, and web


Portal Benefits include
•Alleviate the paper and phone chase burden for staff

•Real-time response when you need it
•See and track progress with full transparency 
•Collect information from multiple groups within a practice or pharmacy

Our Secure Messaging Portal meets all of the Joint Commission's requirements for HIPAA-secure texting
•Medication Management Standard MM.04.01.01
•Secure sign-on, encrypted messaging, delivery and read receipts
•Date and time stamp
•Plus more – ask us for details

The Valeda Rx Secure Messaging Portal, drives new levels of timeliness and efficiency for prior authorizations with its foundational ability to exchange information (including PHI) securely via electronic interface. For more information or to register your practice for our Secure Messaging Portal, please fill out the form below!