Being diagnosed with a complex disease can be scary, overwhelming and confusing. At Valeda Rx, we sincerely care about what you are going through and are here to help. Our Patient Care Team knows how to focus on your needs by bringing a personal touch to delivering both clinical and non-clinical support and answers that are specific to you, to help you understand the complexities of your disease and how best to manage through them. From the first Welcome Call to the delivery of each specialty prescription, we are here to help you and your caregivers successfully navigate each step of the way to better health. 

Patient services include:

·Clinical Support

·Patient Education

·Medication Adherence Packing (e.g. Blister Pack's; etc)

·Pharmacist Availability 24/7/365

·Claims Processing Support and Assistance  

·Financial Assistance Program Support 

·In-Home or Prescriber’s Office Medication Product Delivery

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Passion for what we do is what drives us. We will help get the medication to you that you need. And, we will teach you how and when to take your medications effectively to help ensure you have the best outcome.

Have additional questions for our team? Call us any time at 844-698-2533 or, click here to learn more through our Frequently Asked Questions. Then, talk to your Prescriber, and learn how you can count on Valeda Rx to provide your specialty medication care and needs.